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Circuit Zero - Trailer music album, 5 Alarm Music/Frontier Trailer Music - Composer for the tracks Higher and Stormbending

Legends Alive -Trailer music album, Universal Production Music - Co-composer for all 7 tracks 

Olympia - Trailer music album, 5 Alarm Music/Frontier Trailer Music - Composer for track Winds of Adventure

Hacker - Danish feature film - Music department

Get Ready With Me - Swedish short film - Composer

Juggernaughts Wrath 3 - Trailer music album, SPM Music Group - Composer for track Final Stand

Eloise - Swedish short film - Composer

Bron - Swedish/Danish TV series - Music department 

Knight Birds - American short film - Composer

Om du möter rovdjur - Swedish short film - Composer

Wonderful World 3D - German documentary - Composer

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Score for short and feature films

Game music


Trailer musc

Private lessons in composition and music production


Music arrangement

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Andreas was born and raised just outside the town Växjö, in the southern part of Sweden. Growing up in an house hold with a big interest in music, he started his musical career playing the drums around junior high school. As a teenager, he also started to learn the piano at the music high school he attended. During this time, he also found interest in composition, particularly film music. Music from composers like Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore and James Horner were a big inspiration for him as he tried to understand the art of film music. In 2013, he attended the bachelor program in game music at University of Skövde and then continued with a master program in film music composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm 2016. During his studies in Stockholm he came into contact with Uno Helmersson, one of the most prominent composers of film music in the Nordics. He assisted Uno with the last season of the tv-series ”Bron”. Andreas has scored short films, documentaries, games and he is also involved in trailer music, writing for some of the biggest companies out there with focus on music for Hollywood campaigns. His most recent score for swedish short film ”Get Ready With Me” won gold in the academy awards (Oscars for students) for best student narrative short film 2018 (international).

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